...to Aliens & Artists, a podcast dedicated to exploring how contact with non-human entities impacts human creativity and artistry.

I'm your host, Stuart Davis. I'm an artist working in music, film, tv, language, and painting.

I'm also an experiencer of strange things, including contact with at least one non-human entity, a variety of unidentified aerial phenomena, and super synchronicities.

These events have had a profound impact on my creativity. They inspired a sustained inquiry into other artists and their non-ordinary experiences. I became fascinated by these untold stories. So many artists have anomalous experiences. Often it powerfully shapes their work.

That's why we created Aliens & Artists. Each episode explores connections between non-ordinary experiences and creativity.

In episode Zero, titled Man Meets Mantis, I share some of my story. A series of highly strange events which launched me, and dozens of others, on a creative odyssey spanning years.

Telling our story made me realize I wanted to speak with other artists who've had strange experiences with entities and craft. Every time an artist has shared their life-changing story with me, I've found it to be a captivating privilege.

These stories range from unsettling and bewildering, to deeply transformative. It's my hope to simply share them with you.

Beginning with episode one, Aliens & Artists takes us to the borders of human experience. One artist at a time, we delve the intersection of creativity and contact. Might art play a special role in mediating human and non-human mutuality?

The implications of our not being alone are staggering. So are the possibilities. The singular creativity of human beings may prove essential in helping us navigate this larger reality.

Join us in exploring the Primordial Human Lineage: creativity. We'll be diving inward, where there are hints the Universe is even bigger on the inside.